Resmoke Services (Pty) Ltd is a Centurion based company and were founded by Anton Küsel in 2016.


Resmoke Services aims in providing a fair and honest repair service leaving a customer’s premises with an experience directly impacting a normal household from entering the customer's property at the front gate right through the kitchen and finally into the entertainment area.


Resmoke Services

  • Same day On-site Repairs (Most of the time)
  • Collect & Deliver small items without any additional charges (Centurion Only)
  • Fair Prices



Although the company was only registered in late 2016, the roots of the company started out while Anton was still a young boy.

At the age of 7, Anton started out delivering newspapers to earn a small income - this taught him the very core principles of business…Customer Service.

He soon learnt the formula – Bad Service = Bad Tips.


While delivering newspapers provided an income, Anton was always looking for a way to make an extra income by washing cars or selling things.

Anton saved every cent and bought a bicycle with his hard-earned cash and at the age of 15 he bought his first motorcycle.

With no money to take the bike to a bike shop, he started fixing it himself by reading lots of books and spending countless hours trying to get it back to life…and that’s where it all began!


While still in school, Anton started fixing his friend's bikes and after finishing Matric he started working at Harley-Davidson…still doing bikes after hours.

After a while at Harley-Davidson, Honda Motorcycles offered him a job with some extra benefits and he accepted.

Over the years, Anton made some career changes and ended up working in the Electronics Engineering industry, designing and building some fancy equipment for the military and consumer markets.


Step of Faith:

While earning a well-paid salary, Anton felt the urge to start his own business.

With no customers and no guarantee of an income, Anton wanted to do a part-career-part-business type of business – a business with a backdoor, should the business not survive the storm.

But while you can’t stay ashore and get to the other shore at the same time, Anton took a step of faith in obedience and decided to get offshore by getting into the boat and cutting the ropes - take on the wild waters armed with the grace of God and the will to provide customer service using the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years.


A Breath of Fresh Air:

While only the rich could afford luxury cars, Anton had a promise from God that one day he would drive a BMW 7 Series…and today that promise is fulfilled and you’ll see Anton pulling up in your driveway with his BMW 730d.